Molli + Bryan. Wedding at the Monte Cristo Ballroom.

Molli and Bryan have style for days. His ‘stache and jade suit plus her frames and fab shoes?! Killer. SecondView full post »

Brianna + David. Wedding at Red Barn Studios.

These two. Second shot for my girl Christina at Chris Klas Photography this past January at Red Barn Studios inView full post »

Megan + Matt. Bastyr Engagement Session.

We all know that springtime weather in Seattle can be a major gamble. It changes in a heartbeat, and runs the gamut ofView full post »

Andréa. Body Positive Boudoir.

You know those people you just fit with? Andréa is totally that person. I met her for coffee a few weeks ago, and as weView full post »

Susannah + Cody.

My girl Kamrin (of KNDM Co. Photography) had me along to assist in documenting Susannah and Cody’s beautifulView full post »

Camille + Sloane.

Identical twins. Is there anything cuter? Nope. The answer is nope. Unless it’s identical twins in #resistView full post »

Toni + Kellan.

Last season, my girl Kamrin of KNDM Co. invited me along to second shoot a small handful of weddings with her. Let meView full post »

Lauren + Simon.

Lauren and I grew up in the same small town, and worked at Starbucks together after high-school (ten years ago now!!)View full post »

Finn’s Delivery.

If I wasn’t in awe of what women are capable of before Finn was born last week, I am now. I don’t quiteView full post »

Dannie + Uriah.

There’s something so very sweet about mamas and their babes. There is something even sweeter about mamas andView full post »

Sarah + Kyle.

Wanderlust is kicking in again, and I’m so looking forward to the trips I have lined up this season. In theView full post »

JES Design Studio Collaboration.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou There’sView full post »

Karlie + Jacob.

Phoenix is still tugging at my heart strings, guys. That sunshine, those cacti, these snuggly humans who wereView full post »

Carlie + Robert.

As I get ready to head to the desert again with my family this weekend (more on that to come!) it seemed only fittingView full post »

Taylor + Max.

These two rad humans were married last summer at Axis Pioneer Square. It was was bomb-ass party. Second shotView full post »

Ally + Michael.

If you missed my post yesterday about the crazy trip I took to Phoenix last week, give Allison and Justin’s postView full post »

Allison + Justin.

Last week, my dear friend Christina and I took a whirlwind trip to Phoenix. And by whirlwind I mean we left Seattle atView full post »

Park Family.

It’s not a secret that I’m a really loud cheerleader for lady bosses. Women who take on the challenges ofView full post »