About Me

Hey you!

I am SO glad you’re here. My name is Julia, and I am a Seattle based wedding photographer with a deep passion for storytelling. My work celebrates a love that starts with ourselves and spreads from there. The relationships that I forge with my clients begin way before the images we create together on your wedding day. I’m a really great cheerleader, and love being in your corner every step of the way. I get excited about images that highlight the best possible version of you and your favorite human every single time you look at them – the photographs that represent true character and come fully loaded with personality.

These are the things I believe to be so very important – and at the center of it all is a deeply rooted collaboration that stems from trust. My eyes are open to the smallest, often over-looked details that add up to create a visual representation of the memories you are forging as a team. Moments that are worth treasuring pass us by all the time, and by sharing goosebumps and belly laughs that manifest warm smiles and confidence together we change that. We will freeze those moments of enthusiasm, excitement, butterflies-in-your-stomach and joyful bliss, which in doing so creates lasting reminders of these remarkable and fleeting instances.

I take my job seriously and truly cherish these connections. When you get on board, know that I’ll be here for you and am ready to celebrate the path you’re on together. Can’t wait!