Yanzito Family.

July started off on a crazy foot for me. Add to it these five pairs of feet (plus those of the man in my life who connects me to them) and thats 14 feet of crazy! In the week between some of my biggest weddings of the year, we flew to Colorado to visit Noel’s family and friends, then hit the road with these guys for a family wedding in Chicago.

Once the chaos of the road trip and putting our fancy faces on for the wedding wound down, as a thank you for hosting us back in Denver (and driving us across three bonus states!) I took his sister and her brood out for a few minutes in front of my camera. Impromptu, candid, and real family sessions like this one totally fuel my fire. There was a lot of laughing, tickling, and snuggling – basically the best three things in the world! The world needs a little more love, and these folks have plenty to share.