Mr. + Mrs. Oved

Kinnunen_1403028627 Kinnunen_1403028621 Kinnunen_1403028618 Kinnunen_1403028631 Kinnunen_1403028642 Kinnunen_1403028643 Kinnunen_1403028655 Kinnunen_1403028659 Kinnunen_1403028658 Kinnunen_1403028666 Kinnunen_1403028675 Kinnunen_1403028680 Kinnunen_1403028681 Kinnunen_1403028692 Kinnunen_1403028728 Kinnunen_1403028755 Kinnunen_1403028767 Kinnunen_1403028785 Kinnunen_1403028809 Kinnunen_1403028820 Kinnunen_1403028812 Kinnunen_1403028840 Kinnunen_1403028837 Kinnunen_1403028888 Kinnunen_1403028935 Kinnunen_1403028963 Kinnunen_1403028977 Kinnunen_1403029032 Kinnunen_1403029107 Kinnunen_1403029109 Kinnunen_1403029129 Kinnunen_1403029118 Kinnunen_1403029116 Kinnunen_1403029134 Kinnunen_1403029169 Kinnunen_1403029173 Kinnunen_1403029115 Kinnunen_1403029225 Kinnunen_1403029231 Kinnunen_1403029290 Kinnunen_1403029297 Kinnunen_1403029300 Kinnunen_1403029389 Kinnunen_1403029399 Kinnunen_1403029406 Kinnunen_1403029485 Kinnunen_1403029489 Kinnunen_1403029496 Kinnunen_1403029506 Kinnunen_1403029514 Kinnunen_1403029534 Kinnunen_1403029530 Kinnunen_1403029561 Kinnunen_1403029585 Kinnunen_1403029588 Kinnunen_1403029586 Kinnunen_1403029616 Kinnunen_1403029720 Kinnunen_1403029723 Kinnunen_1403029786 Kinnunen_1403029803 Kinnunen_1403029824 Kinnunen_1403029831 Kinnunen_1403029885 Kinnunen_1403029911 Kinnunen_1403029945 Kinnunen_1403029956 Kinnunen_1403020004 Kinnunen_1403029441 Kinnunen_1403029464 Kinnunen_1403029633 Kinnunen_1403029649 Kinnunen_1403029650 Kinnunen_1403029657 Kinnunen_1403029658 Kinnunen_1403029660 Kinnunen_1403029743 Kinnunen_1403020056 Kinnunen_1403020013 Kinnunen_1403029757 Kinnunen_1403029772 Kinnunen_1403029773 Kinnunen_1403029804 Kinnunen_1403029813 Kinnunen_1403029869 Kinnunen_1403029874 Kinnunen_1403029918 Kinnunen_1403029940 Kinnunen_1403020029 Kinnunen_1403020031 Kinnunen_1403029926

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  • Norisah JensenMarch 13, 2014 - 6:35 am

    Julia I just need to tell you that these are my favourite wedding photos that I have ever seen. It really tells the story of their wedding – more like a movie than just photographs! I also felt that I knew these people and the joy, happiness, values and religion that they share. Just beautiful photos and a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing this, it bought a smile to my face knowing how talented you are! Love ~Norisah

    “Let our hearts and hands be stretched out in compassion toward others, for everyone is walking his or her own difficult path.”

    Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 16:17:33 +0000 To: [email protected]ReplyCancel

  • Robin OvedMarch 17, 2014 - 10:43 am

    AHHHHH that’s so nice! Julia captured our essence and ridiculousness entirely. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!ReplyCancel